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Good morning lovelies! Who wants to play a game?

1. The follower who can guess how many followers we have will win a very special promo code! Go to our ask box now!

2. The follower who can get the most reblogs and likes will recieve a very special gift from us! Go to our ask box now!

Game 1 will end at the end of the day, you do not have to guess the exact number, the closest person wins.

Game 2 will end next Thursday. We will count how many reblogs and likes each person who signs up recieves. The longer you play the better the results so start playing now!

Make sure you message us which one you are playing for before you start playing. You are allowed to play both games but that will not guarantee a win for you, it will only increase your chances of winning. 

Let the games begin! 


*Changes might be made due to students taking their finals, we want everyone to play!